Computer Classes


The library offers many types of computer classes. Below is a list of descriptions of the classes we offer. Please check the Events Calendar to see the locations and dates of our computer classes.


1.      Basic Computer Skills

This class is for participants who know nothing or very little about computers. It includes learning how to use the mouse, becoming familiar with common keys on the keyboard, and understanding basic computer parts (hardware) and common terminologies.


Prior to attending the classes below, participants should have already attended the Basic Computer Skills class or must know how to use the mouse and the keyboard. Also, these classes are designed for participants who have little or no knowledge or skills in the discussed topics.


2.      Beginning Internet

Topics include how to get access to the internet and search for information online using Google.


3.      Email Sign Up

This class is especially for participants who do not have an email account and would like to sign up for a FREE one with Gmail or Yahoo Mail.


4.      Gmail (Google Mail) or Yahoo Mail for beginners

Participants learn basic email features – such as view, send, delete, and reply to email – and other commonly used options.


5.      Google Searching

Participants learn to utilize a variety of common features that are available from the Google Search Engine. 


6.      Beginning Microsoft Word 2010

Topics include basic features in Word - such as create new documents, open, edit, format, print and save existing documents – and the program interface (menu bar, tool bar, etc.).



7.      Creating a Professional-Looking Resume Using Templates


Patrons can select from a number of resume templates and input their information into the appropriate fields. Trainer will only help participants to properly format their resumes. Trainer cannot help participants to write or correct their resumes.


8.      Beginning Microsoft Excel 2010

Participants learn basic features and functions in Excel, such as create new documents, format cells, and utilize functions to perform simple arithmetic calculations.


9.      Beginning Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Participants learn to create PowerPoint presentation using the existing designs available from the Microsoft PowerPoint program or design their own PowerPoint presentation.


10.      Facebook for Beginners

Sign up for a free account and learn basic features on Facebook. Participants must already have an email address in order to sign up for an account with Facebook.


11.      Intermediate Microsoft Word

Participants must have basis skills in Microsoft Word or already attended the beginning class. Discussed topics include, but not limited to, insert table, picture, and object, add columns, and other complex format and layout features.


12.  OverDrive or Axis 360 - Downloading e-Books and e-Audiobooks

Participants should have their own devices, and the class is designed for e-Book and e-Audiobook users. Discussion topics include setting up your eReader devices for the first time, understanding library borrowing procedures and policy, installing required apps (applications), and downloading e-Books or e-Audiobooks to specific devices.